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"The photos are STUNNING."

"My favorite coffee table book."


232 restaurants across 16 different regions: from New York and San Francisco

to Omaha and Honolulu.

Over 150 in-depth photos of the finest sushi creations and ingredients.

The first of its kind, this gorgeous project catalogs one of America's fastest growing cuisines: Japanese Omakase.

Michelin-starred celebrities share the spotlight with up-and-comers, all of whom share one thing in common: the never-ending pursuit of perfection. The top masters spend years honing small details: curing, aging, temperatures, ratios. Learning the nuances of 30-40 different fish, the subtle flavor differences during each season. 

Over the past decade, American cities have embraced Japan's most respected culinary discipline. 

Yet it's one of the world's most simple foods. Who ever thought raw fish and some rice would become such a phenomenon?

About the

Guy Allen is a traveler, photographer, and admirer of the culinary arts. His social media brand, The Sushi Guide, chronicles different sushi restaurants across the world. His goal is to connect with fellow enthusiasts, continue building a community, and help chefs reach new audiences. 

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